Vivek Mehrotra is conducting a LIVE webinar for especially for employees, business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers etc, sharing his "LAW OF ATTRACTION" secrets for manifesting MONEY & SUCCESS.  These secrets allowed Vivek to leave his "overworked" job and do MUCH better financially in business.  Today, Vivek Mehrotra is a marketing consultant, who also LOVES to empower people with knowledge of Law Of Attraction & meditation.

16th May • Monday• 7pm to 9 pm (IST)
100% LIVE, NO Replays/Recordings!
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In just 90 minutes, you will learn these
3 systems:
  • System #1 - Vivek's 5-step system to break limiting beliefs & "re-engineering" your brain
  • System #2 - Vivek's "triangular" system to mastering EMOTIONs- breaking cycles of negative thinking, fear, anxiety, procrastination etc  
  • System #3 - a simple, yet "highly ignored" SHORTCUT to speed up your personal growth, success & manifestations
16th May • Monday • 7pm to 9 pm (IST)
Message From Vivek Mehrotra
Les Brown, the famous motivational speaker says:

there's NO SECRET to success, but there are 
SYSTEMs of success. 

Look, I'm not some fancy "coach/trainer". Because, people don't need more trainers. I'm no expert honestly...

...with YEARs of struggle, and following & learning from the RIGHT PEOPLE, I discovered these systems- and now, I'm just passing them onto you. 

Don't come with expectations that you're meeting TRAINER, just consider me as your "bhai", as they would say in Delhi :)

PS: "bhai" means brother, in Hindi. 
16th May • Monday• 7pm to 9 pm (IST)

Disclaimer: Results may not be typical nor expected for every person. The tips in my website, ebook or webinars aren't some

"get rich quick" scheme, as making money, or running a business requires hard work and leadership. 
All information provided on this website is based on best practices and for educational-purposes only.

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